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State-of-the-art packaging machines

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Complete end of the line packaging solutions

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The most complete range of Stretch Hood machines

We create

Customised end of the line packaging solutions

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Officina Bocedi srl | Pallet Packaging Systems

Packaging Systems

Widest machine range for pallet loads stabilization

Stretch Hood machines

Proven packaging technology for pallet load securing

Shrink Hood machines

Vertical and horizontal load securing strapping solutions

Strapping machines

Palletless complete packaging lines


Wide selection of in line completion accessories


Automatic bag inserter

In Box Bagmaker



Cement | Chemicals & Petrol-Chemicals | Fertilizers | Minerals | Pre-Mix | Peat | Pellets | Mulch

Ceramics and Building

Bricks | Clay Blocks | Roof Tiles | Tiles | Concrete Blocks


Paint Buckets | Plastic and Metal Barrels | Jerry Cans | Plastic Trays and Crates

Food and Beverage

Secondary packaging serving all the industry


Bitumen Membranes | Insulation Boards | Bundles | Bales | Rolls


Logistic Centres | Picking

Paper and Cardboard

Paper | Printing | Carton board | Corrugated

White Goods

Household and industrial appliances | Re-packing

Latest News

Expo Revestir 2023

Expo Revestir 2023

Expo Revestir is promoted by the National Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles for Coatings, Sanitary Ware and Congeners (Anfacer), since 2001, and will inaugurate in 2023 its "new home" in...

Indian Ceramics Asia 2023

Indian Ceramics Asia 2023

The Indian ceramic industry holds potential to become the largest producer in the world, as the industry is looking to almost double its turnover by 2024. The growth of the industry is majorly...

Powtech 2022

Powtech 2022

POWTECH is the Leading Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Processing. We are one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of end of the line packaging solutions for the Powder & Bulk...