Officina Bocedi was founded by two brothers Vittorio e Franco Bocedi (VFB).


Shrink Oven manufacturing is taking almost the totality of the production capacity.


Shrink Hood machines manufacturing. Bocedi is investing into new markets, producing automatic and semi-automatic machines and complete end of the line pallet packaging systems.


Stretch Hood machines manufacturing. The company is ready for new challenges and further expansion, brining into the market the new packaging technology “stretch hood” which can secure the load to the pallet with the elasticity of a tubular film with no heat requirements.


Generation change. Second family generation steps into the company.


Stretch Hood machine production rate continues to grow, giving a strong global imprint to the company, and offering cost effective revolutionary solution for the packaging world.


New headquarter, the company growth has never stopped, the new plant expands the production capacity by five times.


New Stretch Hood machines “X” line for large pallet sizes. Bocedi confirms its position as one of the worldwide market leaders of stretch hood machines manufacturers.


New investments, the company starts the construction of a brand new facility, to increase the production capacity and to upgrade its organization according to the global challenges.