See through easy scanning

Bocedi stretch hooding machines are capable of securing and stabilizing the load with a see-through packaging which allows easy bar code scanning and clear product identification.

The single layer plastic coverage is easy to remove with no risk to damage the load.

Great stability for uneven loads

Logistic centres often deal with extremely uneven loads due to the different products sizes and shape they handle with. The finished pallet configuration has several layers of different items/weight/dimension.

To make sure that all the items achieve great stability Bocedi hooding machines use super stretch hood films, capable of extending as much as 180%, to meet every single product layer on the pallet, granting excellent stability.

One machine for all your pallet configurations

Stretch hooding machines are designed to accommodate up to 6 different film sizes, and are also equipped with an automatic pallet size identification system. These unique features enable the machines to work with a wide variety of pallet sizes in random production, with no time loss, and always using just the right amount of plastic avoiding its wastefulness.

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