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Bocedi Palletless packaging technology is a modulable line complete with shrink or stretch hooding machines, that offers a safe, compact and self supporting packaging without the use of the pallet.

Self supporting packaging

The palletless packaging process starts with an automatic top plastic sheet applicator, which lays the base film on the load: a non-extensible plastic sheet with extreme puncture resistance. The load is then conveyed to the hooding machine for hood application.

Next phase for the load is the pallet rotator, which applies a rated pressure to the load, to make it compact and then it turns it of 180° for the next hooding phase.

Depending on the requested line productivity, the load can go back to the previous hooding station or can move forward to a new hooding station for a second hood application; second hood will grants complete load coverage, 6 sided water-proof, dust, UV protection, and a tight secure self-standing unit. The palletless load is now ready to be lifted and stored in side or outside.

Palletless packaging line is a flexible solution that can be used also to pack palletized loads in random production.

Six sides water-proof

The palletless packaging systems offers several competitive advantages:

  • Self supporting units
  • No pallet handing/costs
  • Reduced transport cost, granted by a lighter and compact load
  • Secure load, no bags breakage or losses during transport
  • Water/weather-proof for out-storing or open transport
  • Recyclable packaging material

Technical data

Max load dimensions (mm)1350 L x 1150 W x 2200 H
CapacityUp to 120 pallet/hr (depending on load size)

How it works